The No Child Left Behind Act

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The idea of the no child left behind act also known as NCLB was establish and signed into law on January 8, 2002 by former president George W. Bush which was actually supported by both of the political parties. The entire role of the No Child Left Behind act was to ensure the focus of American students to the better idea of getting the American educational system back into the competitive field internationally seeing that in the year 2002 the United States of America was actually ranked number eighteen out of the entire twenty four nations. The No Child Left Behind law has mad a huge break through Americas entire educational system. The NCLB law has given a much greater deal of attention to the way things are being done in the classroom and how it prepared for the classroom which is a important factor in bring America as a country to a much high number in the list of education throughout the world.

To begin with, the NCLB other known as the famous No Child Left Behind act is currently go on fourteen years in effect with more improvises frequently being made to better the act along with the country of the united states and the people within the educational field. There are some new educational ideas that was proposed to the act which include “increase accountability for students performance’s” this plan basically meant that the districts schools and even the states that actually improved their academic standard would be simply awarded and even also if that schools…

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