No Child Left Behind Act Essay

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The No Child Left Behind Act

Education has changed a lot in the past few years. Most significant of all changes has been the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act set up by President Bush in 2001. The NCLB Act was established to help close the education gap in public schools. Students from every background have been and are currently affected by NCLB, as well as are teachers. The standards have been set, and the race has begun to see which states and school districts will show the highest AYP, and which states and school districts will come at the humiliating last rung of the latter. Would it be a surprise to note that those schools which appear to be struggling the most thus far, have been the schools that have a high
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This is a positive step because it will give teachers and students enough time for a more thorough education in the English language. It will build the confidence of the teachers as they implement this new solution, and will help build confidence in the students as they adjust to a new life in the U.S. and with a new language to learn. It will allow the students to have an understanding of the language before they are required to apply it at the State level.

The second way that this new legislation to the NCLB Act that will help immigrant students is by extending the LEP to two years for subgrouping. LEP students are a classification that is recorded as part of the AYP. Previously, the LEP had changed its membership from year to year, with students coming and going depending on the rate at which they master the English language. This rapid change in the subgroup makes it hard for states to show that they have improved in the LEP category on the AYP report (Fact 1). This new solution allows state to include immigrant students who have English proficiency to stay a part of the LEP subgroup for two years if the state wishes to (the state is not forced to do this). On the following page is a table that shows a number of LEP students who were tested, and what tools for learning they were using.

This table shows the
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