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Initiated in 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001 intended to prevent the academic failures of educational institutions and individual students, as well as bridge achievement gaps between students. This act supports the basic standards of education reform across America; desiring to improve the learning outcomes of America’s youth. No Child Left Behind has left many to criticize the outcomes of the Act itself. Questions have risen concerning the effectiveness of NCLB, as well as the implications to America’s youth. Thesis The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 should be revised to allow better accountability of student success, accountability of schools progress, and better flexibility for teachers. About “No Child Left…show more content…
The problem here is simple; not all students can perform at the same academic level. To add, large scale standardized tests are the only source of understanding the academic achievements under NCLB, which are not an entirely accurate measure of a student’s performance. Additionally, the testing results are directly linked to awards or penalties of the school performance. Each state establishes their own standards, which must approved by the federal government if participating in NCLB. The tests are predominately multiple-choice style tests. The tests do not take in account their report card grades or significant individual achievements made by a student. For example, if a student is three levels below their reading grade, but increases their reading by two grades over the course of year, yet still below their current grade based on standardized testing, then that student will be categorized as a failing. It is argued that large-scale standardized testing is creating inaccurate measurements of student progress bound by the single year focus of NCLB rules. It does account for following the student over the course of their elementary years for overall success. “Classroom-based measures of proficiency, such as research projects, classroom assessments, and homework assignments, also provide rich data regarding students’ academic progress (Cawthon, 2004).” The current Obama administration has indicated a plan

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