The No Child Left Behind Act

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Under the most current statewide mandates of the No Child Left behind Act (NCLBA) (Bush, 2001) educators in the public school system must raise the bar for teaching. This means teaching classroom lessons to effectively educate all styles of learning and bringing students to proficient levels of being educated. Schools are expected to meet these challenges by hiring qualified teachers who are well trained and educated to instruct daily assignments for students. In March of 2010, the Obama Administration sent to Congress a reform amendment of the public schools, NCLBA, to help close some achievement gaps. President Obama has called on Congress to fix the laws to benefit and prepare all students for college or career readiness. One key issue that might assist Obama and Congress is the ability to realize the diverse types of learning styles per student. For example, all students do not test well under pressure which mean some type of plan needs to be set-up for those students to take a test instead letting them slide thought the system uneducated. In my opinion, if a disable or delayed student can remember the lyrics to a rap song. Then he or she can remember test information presented by audio or in the form of music. A student with behavioral issues might not be able to sit thought an entire lesson or test, but giving them lessons on audio in class would probably be a great idea for holding their attention for learning. Also, another idea is maybe giving the test to

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