The No Child Left Behind

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The United States of America is among the countries in the world that highly focus on the education of its citizens. The country’s government allots sufficient funding for its education, thus the country is considered the number one nation that spends on per student than any other nation in in the world. With the high price of education and the high cost of funding, the country aims to ensure that all public schools in all states achieve quality education. The “No Child Left Behind” Act is America’s law that expanded the role of the federal government in education reform, particularly focused on improving the education of marginalized American students. At the core of this act are various measures in increasing student achievement. It also puts emphasis on the accountability of states and schools for student achievement and progress. The law ushered important changes in the education of Americans in various aspects including annual testing, academic progress, report cards, teacher qualifications, curriculum, and funding. It continues to set a benchmark for the achievement of desired level of quality of education in all states in America. Through the years, the “No Child Left Behind” Act is faced with controversies and debates by various educators, policy makers, groups and individuals in America (Editorial Projects in Education Research Center, No Child Left Behind, State governments have the power to set overall education standards in America. They are
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