The No Child Left Behind ( Nclb ) Act Launching America 's Education System

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In 2001, President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act launching America’s education system into an era of standardized testing as a method of holding states and schools accountable for student achievement. With this recent surge of high-stakes standardized testing, teachers are held to increasingly higher expectations of quality instruction and meeting these standards. However, schools are unprepared in achieving the goals of NCLB resulting in years of struggle to improve student success in testing due to flaws in the traditional grading system. Current schools and teachers lack proper grading practices that are inadequate of accurately representing student achievement. With the increased focus on standards, it is imperative that schools begin to implement an effective grading system so that all students and parents are provided accurate feedback of students’ abilities.
There are myriad unforeseen consequences when schools use the traditional grading system. For the past century, traditional grading practices and policies that have contributed to much of the failure of student achievement. The use of the traditional grading system has slowly led to the major issue of grade inflation. Most often students’ grade tend to be inflated with the help of non-academic factors such as homework, participation and student effort. High school teachers tend include effort as part of the grade, giving high grades to students who work in class despite whether they
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