The Nobel Prize For Literature

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Dear Nobel Committee for Literature, The Nobel Prize for Literature was not rewarded to the deserving writer. You have awarded Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize for Literature on October 13, 2016 degrading dedicated writers around the world. After dropping out of college in the 1960’s to pursue an occupation in which he was already well known as the times “most loved folk poet”, he turned to singing and writing rock-type songs with anti war messages. Whether he did “create new poetic expressions within the great American tradition” he has not proven himself worthy of such a significant award. Such a legendary award offered to many other brilliant writers, should be received by someone who can and will continue to change the world. This award could help out developing writers, developing countries, and should not be handed out single handedly. Newly prospering authors and writers deserve as much a chance as anyone. As you may recall, a few of the runner ups for the Nobel laureate were Adonis, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, and Ko Un. All of these authors shared unique talents in writing. In point of fact, Adonis, a Syrian essayist, translator, and poet, experimented with essential elements in his poetry. He rebelled against the standard poets to say the least, “I wanted to break the linearity of poetic text — to mess with it, if you will.” ( He was not born into the wealthiest of families and found himself unable to pay for education, yet he has pushed boundaries for many…
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