The Noise Of The Wind

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It is simple, the noise of the wind or even the feeling of glass shattering. Those noises are sense, or feeling to me. I have found myself in many cases wondering how to portray the emotional stand point of where those sounds occur. A wooded area, the wind blowing leaves from the trees a feeling of near bliss. As the shutter clicks, a slow breeze blows past your ear. An unimaginable happiness that is captures purely in a single image. Sound in an art form is quite a powerful thing, and to use it to portray emotion is how I on occasions have based certain works of mine. When I was younger, I found myself between a dark sound. I would constantly or more or less on a regular basis hear screaming through the what seemed to be paper-thin walls. My parents yelling back and forth about the most absurd things that they were mad about with each other. There is a large portion of my work that is to some degree dark in nature and or dark in color value. In this sense, my work has grown increasing sad and or lonely. My upbringing, not particular to a certain sounds or musical tones, has been contributed to how I view the emotional state of myself and others. Almost to a state of vulnerability, which I find intriguing in other artists’ works as well. I knew how things should be at a young age. My parents were quite the opposite, on multiple occasions I had been brought into arguments that simply had nothing to do with me. While listening to them, I found myself grow more and more
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