The Non-Bona Fide Mode

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The CP rearranged for joke telling accounts not for information conveying meaningful and useful knowledge as Grice’s model (and therefore bona fide mode) does, but rather for information devised to prompt a humorous response. Thus, when the speaker is in the non-bona fide mode of joke telling, s/he is not committed to the truth of what s/he says. The hearer, on his/her part, has the option of either rejecting the speaker’s utterance or switching to the non-bona fide mode (Raskin 1985 and Partington 2006). In the case of jokes, script opposition allows the formation of an incongruity , the resolution of which requires the speaker to leave the realm of the bona fide mode and apply the rules that substantiate the non-bona fide mode, thus looking
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