The Non Profit Organization, Friends Of Homeless Animals Inc.

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The non-profit organization, Friends of Homeless Animals Inc. (FOHA) officially started in Rhode Island in August of 2007. Roie Greigo, the founder and President of FOHA, founded the organization. For 25 years, Roie save thousands of animals, which motivated her to start an organization designated to help these innocent beings. She went from Texas to Massachusetts and now officially resides in the state of Rhode Island. Roie and her best friend Doris built this organization from the ground up, in which their overall mission is to rescue small dogs with big hearts and connect these homeless pets to loving parents and great homes (FOHA). Friends of Homeless Animals Inc. offer several programs allowing volunteers and peers around the community to help and support the organization. The first program involves donations, whether it comes to donating money or supplies to help these animals sufficiently. Another program is called Shopping for a Cause, which allows families to adopt rescue dogs through various websites to give them a loving home. Lastly, the FOHA has a program where individuals can foster dogs in order to save them from being placed on the streets or in animal shelters. (FOHA). Every organization has a constituency in which the organization as a whole has a designated target in which they intend to influence and recruit certain individuals (quote 1). For instance, the FOHA targets families in the community. In other words, the organization is serving families who

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