The Non Profit Organizations

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Grand Junction, Colorado is a town in Western Colorado that has taken steps to excel in the health care field by providing cost effective and efficient care to their community. In lecture this week, we have learned that the key system concepts are: shared vision, shared reality, people, parts, interrelationships, leverage, adaptability and iterative learning.1 The article: Grand Junction, Colorado: A Health Community That Works, is an example of a patient-centered medical home that currently exists in the United States, and should be looked at as a possible solution to our current health care overspending crisis. I believe that the health care provided in Grand Junction, Colorado has excelled in all these concepts and will discuss their methods in more detail below. Shared Vision: The non-profit organizations in Grand Junction believed in a common goal to improve patient outcomes while being cost effective. The groups included the Marillac Clinic (for indigent services); a physicians group, the Mesa County Independent Practice Association (IPA); two hospitals, three social service groups that provide prenatal care, home health, and hospice; and a local Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)-- Rocky Mountain Health Plans (Rocky).2 Their vision and combined efforts to work together instead of in silos like the majority of the United States health care system is what has made this health care system in the community a success. Cooperation is stressed over competition, and
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