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Grand Junction, Colorado is a town in Western Colorado that has taken steps to excel in the health care field by providing cost effective and efficient care to their community. In lecture this week, we have learned that the key system concepts are: shared vision, shared reality, people, parts, interrelationships, leverage, adaptability and iterative learning.1 The article: Grand Junction, Colorado: A Health Community That Works, is an example of a patient-centered medical home that currently exists in the United States, and should be looked at as a possible solution to our current health care overspending crisis. I believe that the health care provided in Grand Junction, Colorado has excelled in all these concepts and will discuss their…show more content…
Shared Reality: Not only did the medical community share a vision, they also shared data through the Quality Health Network (QHN)2. They developed an IT system that is still in the infancy stages in the rest of the United States where data is shared between various providers. There is a common network that providers are able to log into and see other providers notes and care plans. This sharing of information has decreased the performance of duplicate tests/procedures and has decreased the costs and increased the quality of care that patients in the Grand Junction community receive. The information in the shared data system was also used to promote transparency of data on physician performance to formulate a health care model that focused on the patient and through peer pressure, caused the providers to strive for better outcomes. People: We have learned that the United States is lacking providers in the primary care field but Grand Junction actually has an increased number of PCPs in their community, and this has allowed them to manage their patient’s care more in depth.2 Having the social service groups to assist with necessary patient follow-up and home care has also worked favorably for them. In addition, they have highly motivated individuals that are seeking to make a change in the way that health care is delivered. This is the most important aspect of the whole system, because without these vital players, the system would
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