The Nonhuman Animal Rights Movement

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The strongly repeated use of words such as “effective”, “successful”, and “victory”, and phrases that praise PETA for all of its accomplishments has a purpose: to foster a particular way for supporters to see themselves in the nonhuman animal rights movement, namely as donors and consumers of PETA, its tactics, and its selection of “cruelty-free” products. The recurrent discourse has also fostered and contributed to a particularly neoliberal ideological composition of the nonhuman animal rights movement that encourages competition with other non-profits and defines “success” by the number of single issue campaigns it wins, the amount of media coverage it gets, the number “likes” it receives on social media, and the number of donors it…show more content…
Chapter Four: PETA Donations: (need to revise title)
Drawing from the previous chapter, this chapter considers the group’s consumer and consumption-driven framework as it has manifested in the discourse PETA has used to promote donations-based advocacy. An examination of various examples allows detailed knowledge to be gained of the group’s main means of asking for donations and of the implications this scheme has for PETA’s ideology regarding nonhuman animal rights advocacy. I argue that the repetitive and excessive focus on getting donations has undermined financially and socially marginalized people, relied on a neoliberal ideology of activism, and designated PETA as the only party that can properly manage advocacy resources. Seldom encouraged to seriously engage the issues concerning nonhuman animal rights, activists have instead been urged by PETA to donate to them as much as possible. As one example of this theme, the organization has frequently insisted that supporters donate their estate plans. In 2006, the website stated,
To remember animals in such an enduring way is quite possibly the most powerful gift that a person can make to stop animal suffering…every dollar means an extra chance to an animal in need!...Your estate plan represents your beliefs, your life, and a way to continue your compassion into the future…make animals a part of your legacy.

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