The Nonhuman World Exhibits Beauty Of Its Own And That Humans

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Looking over the vast expanses of the American landscape, staring up into a starry sky, or watching spring return and animals rear their young, one cannot help but see beauty in nature. Some people find beauty even in the smallest of creatures and things. The earth is full of wonder. At the same time, driving across certain places, where humans have scarred the landscape, ugliness appears. The marred landscapes in which humans have clear-cut a forest, obliterated a mountain, or dumped waste can destroy the natural beauty that nature once exhibited. In this paper I will argue that the nonhuman world exhibits beauty of its own and that humans can either enhance or deface this beauty. Defining what makes something beautiful is a huge endeavor. Philosophers have argued for centuries over the simple question, “What is beauty?” This is a question that is probably unanswerable. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and based on personal experiences and varies from person to person; it is subjective. We call a variety of things “beautiful”: a landscape; various nonhuman animals; a young woman; a painting; a symphony. We may even say that an action, such as a gazelle leaping across a field or a well-executed sports play, is beautiful. Even if we cannot define exactly what beauty is as a quality in something or a quality within the beholder, everyone somehow believes that some things are beautiful in some way. We often use this variable description for the nonhuman world. When we look

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