The Norm And Reverse Racism

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In today’s society, racism is a commonly misused phrase. In most situations, a white person will refer to certain stereotypical or insulting comments as racist. While that is an effect of prejudice, that is not racism nor is it reverse racism. Reverse racism is the term used to describe the act of racism towards white people. Ironically, there is no need for that term since reverse racism, simply, does not exist. Reverse racism is not real because the white race are the founders of racism. Keep in mind, racism is the systematic oppression of a race rather than hatred without action. White people will also never be able to experience discrimination based on the color of their skin since their skin color defines normativity, making every other color out of the quote ¨norm¨. We can not forget that society is built on the belief that white equals power, indicating that white people will be at the top of their own perceived racial hierarchy in almost every situation.

In the autobiography of Malcolm X, he once expressed that “Historically, the non-white complexion has evoked and exposed the ‘devil’ in the very nature of the white man.” (Malcolm X 273). Throughout history, Europeans were known the be cruel to races of color. This is the start of the foundations of racism. An early example of whites discriminating towards a another group of people because of their skin color was the genocide of indigenous South Americans. The indigenous South Americans were a group of very
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