The Norm Of Expected Appearances

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For this deviance assignment, I have chosen to violate the norm of expected appearances in public. I find that there is a general expectation of both genders to carry a certain appearance when in the public eye. Good hygiene and a nice appearance are both something taught at a young age to have value and importance. The way a person presents themselves is the first thing that the general public gets a glimpse of, therefore, initial opinions are generally determined by appearance alone. I have decided to violate this norm by presenting myself completely opposite of what I usually do. Generally speaking, if I intend to leave my home for something other than a quick errand, I will put an appropriate amount of effort into the way I present myself. I like to wear nice clothes, have my hair well-groomed and on most days, I wear makeup. Accordingly, I instead chose to wear pajama pants, put my hair in a very messy bun and a wear a bare face to see what kind of reactions I could obtain during this social experiment. There are various reactions that I expect from this experiment. I believe that some people may not even acknowledge my unkempt appearance because it has become more common for some people to carry themselves this way. I anticipate that people might stare or give funny looks. People that know me very well may question me and try to determine exactly why I am suddenly presenting myself differently. The most common reaction I expect is simply funny looks or people staring…

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