The North Africa Conflict

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While analyzing the North Africa conflict, a combination of service capabilities would be required to achieve the desired end state of deterring and if necessary, the defeat of Algerian guerilla aggression to prevent regional and global destabilization. Taking into account the current military landscape that exists today, a joint task force (JTF) would be the ideal military response of the United States and collation partner’s while utilizing the regional military assets. Intelligence suggests guerilla forces are capable of a full scale offensive into Morocco in less than 36 hour notice, bringing the factors of time, force and space into consideration. The United States Air Force controls and operates numerous satellites for global positioning, missile warning, communication and meteorological purposes along with reconnaissance aircraft. Through a combination of satellite imagery and reconnaissance aircraft, identifying and collecting intelligence on guerilla military targets and movements would be the first objective in the conflict. Once targets are identified, bombing campaigns could commence from regional Air force bases in the Area of Operations (AO), softening up guerilla forces in advance of the next stage of the military engagement, the ground campaign. Air force tankers such as the HC-130, KC-135 and KC-10 would need to be deployed to offer in flight air refueling for the F-15, F-16, F-22 and A-10’s departing from regional Air force bases. The Air Force also
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