The North American Free Trade Agreement

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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an agreement signed by three countries in creating rules in trade in North America. NAFTA, when being presented, was described as genuine for helping Mexico and Canada. But was NAFTA really helpings those counties or really just helping North America? Initially North America was being genuine about NAFTA when talking to Mexico and Canada but in reality the NAFTA caused some uneven development as the years went by.

I have two stories that remind me on NAFTA reasons being someone or myself acting genuine but trying to decide if the person is really being genuine or just trying to help its self, the way I feel North America was doing with the NAFTA.

When I use to be a
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When I was on the phones I would get all types of stories; such as, I lost my job, I don’t have any money and that wasn’t me, someone stole my card. Who do you believe? Who do you help and offer some type of settlement? Who actually can’t pay and deserves a break? When I was in training we had three weeks of intensive training on “Genuineness” and “Handling people’s emotions”. It can very difficult to distinguish those customers who are just trying to take advantage of the situation, the situation being the debt they are in, and leave with just a scratch. Like I have mentioned, I’ve heard all types of stories and I got good at identifying a liars. There were still some individuals who I just couldn’t tell if they were being genuine or telling me a story. Identifying genuine was a big must-have in this job because you really want to help those customers who really “just lost their jobs”. The customers who went on a shopping spree and spent money they didn’t have, which made them accumulate several fees, we want to shake them for every penny they got till the bank gets all the money back.

One afternoon, after my break, I took a call and the person was being super genuine about her story but the transactions on her account told another story. The customer said she just lost her job and her son just stole her car
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