The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association Essay

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The North American Nursing Diagnosis Association uses Gordon’s Framework as a foundation for its nursing diagnosis (Edelman &Mandle 2014). Gordon’s framework consists of functional health patterns as defined by Endleman and Mandle (2014) is,” viewing the individual as a whole being using interrelated behavioral areas” (p. 150). There are eleven patterns used as a tool to collect information during assessments in order to create a plan for validation and communication among the nursing profession. It focuses on five areas; pattern, individual –environment, age –development, functional and lastly cultural. With the various detailed questions related to the health perception, is a method devised by Marjory Gordon to be used by nurses in the nursing process to provide a more comprehensive nursing assessment of the patient. Marjorie Gordon (1987) proposed functional health patterns as a guide for establishing a comprehensive nursing data base. These 11 categories make possible a systematic and standardized approach to data collection, and enable the nurse to determine the following aspects of health and human function: At this time I have not been able to incorporate Gordon’s framework within my practice for I have been home since week 2 has begun. I am able to incorporate this into my own and identify my own patterns when confronted with illness and assessing my own. Two patterns that have emerge from completing the framework are Nutritional and Metabolic pattern and
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