The North And South Regions Of The United States

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Today the North and South regions of the United States share similar lifestyles in regards to economy, industrialization, and basic rights. Both regions have major cities, playing a vital role in helping to keep the nation and the world for that matter, functioning. Each Northern and Southern state has a strong government which is home to a state congress and governor. However, during the antebellum period of the United States everything wasn’t as blissful as it is today. The antebellum period is the period after the War of 1812 and before the Civil War in 1861. Some people may say that the Antebellum period was a period of great awakening with a lot of prosperity because of manufacturing, while others may say it was a dark time in the nation 's history due to slavery. During this time, the country was divided and was newly separated as the North and the South. While the difference between the South and the North may be quite large, they did share similarities in business. Both regions produced substantial amounts of money creating a powerhouse in their specialized objectives. Although, each region was similar in a sense, many differences eventually brought these two regions to a Civil War. Soon after the War of 1812, life changed for many people in the country. The United States experienced an economic boom, something that wasn’t seen in the new country ever before. In the North, economy way skyrocketing to new heights as they developed a free labor economy.…
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