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The North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA) holds many works of art from all types of cultures from around the world. The Torso of an Emperor in the Guise of Jupiter from Roman culture and the Torso of Aphrodite from Greek culture, are but two of them. It is unknown who the artist was for either of them, but the work has lived on for centuries. During the time period the gods were known for their perfection- like body and extraordinary looks. Since the sculptures highlight only the torso of the body it represents that only image matters and the brain does not. The Torso of an Emperor in the Guise of Jupiter was made during the first century with marble. Standing at 56 ½ x 29 ½ x 15 ½ inches. The statue depicts a torso of an emperor’s body with the torso completely exposed and a sheet that could be assumed as a toga (typical clothing during the time period) covering the lower part of the body. People worshipped the gods and many stories, still told today marvel of the complete and utter perfection that the gods were graced with. The artist shows detail directly in the toga to make precise cuts from the marble to show value and create a life like atmosphere. With the chest and torso area you can clearly see that the man was fit with no fat in sight, only muscle. The form of the work uses diagonal lines throughout the toga to imply movement upward towards the chest. The lines point upward causing your eyes to look toward the emperor’s torso. Since the gods were known mainly for

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