The North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards

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After reviewing the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and the experiences of this class, I have been able to see how the standards are used in a real-life school. Each standard goes into detail on how a teacher could incorporate them into their classroom. However, through my experiences I have noticed that some of the standards are not meant for the actual classroom. So, I will be focusing on the first standard; leadership, the third standard; teachers need to know the content they teach, and some standards that I believe should be in the NC Standards. Lastly, I will talk about how my opinion on the NC Standards has changed and how I plan to incorporate them into my future classroom. The first NC Standard states that teachers need to demonstrate leadership. Leadership means that one leads by example, shows respect and motivates people to do their best. This kind of leadership can be in the classroom or outside of the classroom. It also has to do with working with your fellow teachers to make sure your students have to the best education experience one can give them. When I was at Sunset Park and Codington elementary schools, I saw the teachers show leadership in similar and different ways. Both teachers showed leadership by working with other teachers. At Sunset Park, the two teachers did lessons on butterflies then released the butterflies at then need of the week. Through the respect the two teachers showed each other, their students were able to see an
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