The North Korean Nuclear Crisis

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The globe is facing many problems that are putting innocent people in harm, one of those being the North Korean Nuclear Crisis. The increase of tensions in North Korea is a major conflict because North Korea is testing nuclear weapons that are specifically meant to target the United States and South Korea. To solve this issue, the United Nations has tried to put defense mechanisms in place, but embargos are more effective for solving the issue. North Korea is a very unstable country and, countries are afraid that they will use their nuclear weapons to cause destruction to other nations. This conflict is at its most perilous state today, but the North Korean nuclear crisis has been a problem since the Korean War. At the end of World War ll,…show more content…
Each of these weapons have half the power of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (“What Nuclear Weapons”). If North Korea continues to make their nuclear advancements as they are today, then they will be able to bomb the United States within a decade (Visser). So far, experts know for sure that North Korea has created an atomic bomb, which has massive power. We also know that North Korea has tested this bomb multiple times. However, there is a possibility that North Korea has been building, or has already built a hydrogen bomb, which is much more powerful (“North Korea’s Nuclear”). The conflict we know today began when the North Koreans held their first official test in October of 2006. The bomb they used caused an explosion of less than one kiloton (small fraction of the size of the bombs dropped by the US on Japan). This test was considered a failure. The second nuclear weapons test was almost 3 years after the first (May 2009). This time, the test was held underground. Experts have concluded that the explosion caused a 4.7 seismic disturbance and an explosion of two kilotons. President Obama believed this test showed that North Korea was starting to become a threat; however the military officers brushed this off. The United Nations tightened their shipments of military weapons to North Korea. The third nuclear test in North Korea was held in February of 2013. At this time, Kim Jong Un was the new leader of North
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