The North Korean People 's Army

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At 4:00am on June 25, 1950, the North Korean People’s Army (NKPA) crossed the 38th parallel in force and invaded South Korea with the objective of unifying the two Koreas into a single communist nation. General Douglas MacArthur would once again prove his value as a military commander with his conception of Operation Chromite, which directed how the UN forces would respond. MacArthur’s unique gift in recognizing strategic opportunities, along with America’s ability to quickly gather military assets and counter in force, were key to the success of the Operation Chromite landings at Inchon and turning the tide of the Korean War.
From the moment their invasion began, NKPA experienced success against the UN forces, led by the United States and sent in to assist the South Korean Army. However, UN troops, all of which were now under the command of General MacArthur, were literally overwhelmed at the onslaught of the well-equipped and experienced NKPA. By the end of July, UN forces had been driven into a small area in the southeast portion of the Korean Pennisula around the Port of Pusan (present day Busan). With the NKPA at their front, and the Sea of Japan at their back, UN forces were in dire straight and running out of options. Only the visionary mind of General MacArthur conceptualizing and executing Operation Chromite could avoid a military disaster and save South Korea.
Although the NKPA appeared in control of the conflict, MacArthur recognized the strain placed on the

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