The North 's Technological Advances

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The North’s Technological Advances Ethan Walton 8th Grade History Mrs. Bearden May 26, 2017 Ethan D. Walton Mrs. Bearden 8th Grade History 15 May 2017 The North’s Technological Advances The Civil War was a time of one country divided among itself because of the freedoms of slaves. When Abe Lincoln was first elected that was the South’s turning point but the attack on Fort Wagner was the beginning battle to a war between States. One result of the Civil War was that Congress put into action the 13th amendment, banning slavery. The North were fighting for the freedom of slaves while on the other hand the South opposed this and fought to keep slavery legal. The North had many things the South hadn’t such as an abundance of factories,…show more content…
Here, as well, the Confederate army was at a disadvantage: They lacked the technological and industrial ability to conduct such a large-scale communication campaign” (Civil War Technology 2). Though these types of innovations changed the way wars are fought they also changed daily life. “Even more important were the technologies that did not specifically have to do with the war, like the railroad and the telegraph. Innovations like these did not just change the way people fought wars–they also changed the way people lived” (1). One other thing, the Union Army had established an entire government office dealing with the telegraph system and had trained many operators. “In 1861, the Union Army established the U.S. Military Telegraph Corps, led by a young railroad man named Andrew Carnegie. The next year alone, the U.S.M.T.C. trained 1,200 operators, strung 4,000 miles of telegraph wire and sent more than a million messages to and from the battlefield” (3). The telegraph was “the way” to communicate before the later invention of the telephone. “Also, there was a telegraph service for people to communicate before the invention of the telephone around 1900” (Dorr 2). It is clear that, the telegraph really helped the North get an edge on the South. Another advancement was the factories that were creating weapons, ammunition, clothing and such helping the North outclass the South in terms of industry and achieve
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