The Northern Ireland Conflict

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The Northern Ireland Conflict Esteemed members of the Board, in this report I intend to convincingly show you that the borders in question absolutely need to be redrawn. The borders I speak of are those of the British oppression of Northern Ireland. For years upon years the British have possessed political control over the people of Northern Ireland. I will make it obvious to you that the strong Catholic religion throughout Northern Ireland has forced the people to oppose British control. As most of you know, the official and majority religion of Great Britain is that of Protestantism. And the deeply faithful Irish have always felt that they were looked down upon by the British for refusing to practice their form of…show more content…
This is a decent proportion of the population in Northern Ireland. It is significant enough for the British government to recognize that the language still serves a special purpose in the Irish culture. The language is so important that to give the British government a better name, they have set up government funded classes for Irish of all ages to learn it. The British government has also funded Irish language festivals, adult education classes, and research into Irish place names in Northern Ireland. So it is obvious that the language of Ireland is extremely important to the culture and to the people of the land. The Gaelic language has survived for so long because of the strong family ties the Irish hold. These strong family ties are how many of the customs of the culture are passed down from generation to generation. The family serves a key role in the society of the country. The bonds of family do not only apply to the nuclear family, but instead the entire extended family usually lives close to each other and often meet together for religious holidays. This strong family bond is how many of the Irish people have been able to survive the many travesties that have been bestowed upon them throughout the years. One of the qualities that are not unique to the Irish people is that of the clothing styles. The styles found in Ireland are the styles that are found throughout Europe and the rest of the Western World. Clothing for men is the same as found
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