The Northern Territory Intervention And The Closing The Gap Initiative

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The Northern Territory Intervention and the Closing the Gap initiative are two Federal Government strategies that were designed to end the disparity between the health of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. These two initiatives are strikingly different in the way they were conceived and implemented. The Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) was made and delivered in haste without any consultation with Indigenous Australians and some Indigenous leaders in the Northern Territory communities seeing it as an attack on Indigenous Australians (Maddison, S, 2009). The NTER showed a top down mentality that caused a greater divide for Indigenous Australians leaving many feeling ashamed, frustrated and angered. The Closing the Gap…show more content…
The Northern Territory Intervention, a name commonly referred to as the NTER, was initiated as a response to investigations into allegations of serious sexual abuse of children in Aboriginal communities. An inquiry was subsequently established to find more effective ways to protect the children leading to the publication of the ‘Little Children are Sacred’ report in 2007 (Anderson, P. and Wild, R., 2007). Following this report, the Federal Government sent army troops into the Northern Territory and proceeded to stage a massive intervention, which they called the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER). The efficacy and implementation of the Northern Territory Intervention has received wide spread criticism due to the lack of prior consultation with the Indigenous Community leaders as well as the questionable reforms subsequently implemented. Amongst these reforms were the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) (Korff, J, 2016) and forceful leasing of Indigenous land to the commonwealth as documented in The Northern Territory National Emergency Response Act, 2007 (Cth). The Northern Territory Intervention consequently has had numerous negative impacts on the community, “The intervention has had consequences that will have repercussions for generations” (Dodson, 2016) What is of concern is that many of the reforms under the Northern
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