The Not So Lucky Blarney Stone

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The Not So Lucky Blarney Stone

In the heart of the Irish Capital of Nebraska, O’Neill, lies a restaurant that is known for its Irish food and Irish hospitality. The Blarney Stone Restaurant houses both a café and steakhouse. According to the restaurant’s website, the Blarney Stone hosts several events in its Nebraska Room that has a seating capacity of 400 (Blarney Stone, n.d.). Despite being in the center of the town and a prime location during Saint Patrick’s Day, the service provided by the business is subpar. Unlike the legend that kissing the official Blarney Stone in Ireland will give a person good luck and eloquence, the Blarney Stone Restaurant in O’Neill, Nebraska is a service provider that needs a push in the right direction.
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One individual had an entire tray of food spilled on him, and the waitress ran off crying. What should a restaurant do after a situation like this? One would think that the waitress would at a minimum offer an apology and perhaps offer the gentleman the meal for free, but neither was offered.
The Service Theater Framework
The Blarney Stone Restaurant needs an improvement in the service it provides, and should follow the Service Theater Framework as discussed below and analyzed. This type of framework is very similar to that of a stage production in theater including: actors, audience, setting, front-stage, back-stage, and a performance (Fisk et al., 2014, p. 26). The actors are the waitresses and waiters who are employed by the business to provide exceptional service, despite any feelings that they may feel towards a customer (the audience).
The setting is the physical service environment for a business and is where the service is performed. This includes the bar, lighting, actors (employees), seating placement, and overall appearance of the restaurant. If the restaurant is not up to par with the needs of the customers, then people are unwilling to go there. The Blarney Stone Restaurant is outdated and needs updated to grow as a business. It has kegs of beer set on top of tables that could be used for customers. The television sets are not up to the standard high-definition sets that are available now. Another setting problem
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