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Triggered by Emotions There is a vast number of political subject that spark fierce debate among the populace, however virtually no other topic has become as politically divisive as gun control. Those on either side of the debate are quick to judge the other side and furthermore, will strongly defend their arguments and reasoning. Consequently, in spite of the ongoing differences, the debate rages on. Emotions often trump fact and reasoning regarding gun control, when the individual wielding the gun demonstrates intention to inflict harm upon others. In a world saturated with evil, how did firearms become the culprit of blame? When evil resides in man’s heart, the firearm is not at fault. When mass shootings result in innocent lives lost,…show more content…
While this mindset appears to be logical, and most certainly with good intentions – to reduce casualties, ultimately the root problem of evil continues to remain at large. While a gunman is capable of murder, the gun is not the problem. Whether it be by chemical gassing, guns, knives, bombs, or driving a vehicle into a crowd, if an individual or group wishes to harm innocent people, he or she will unfortunately find a way. Support these claims above with a source. Contrastingly, there will be some that are pushing for fewer gun laws, allowing citizens to openly carry wherever they roam. Heartbreaking instances such as the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting in December 2012, left Americans searching for an answer as to why anyone would decide to go into a school, murdering lives of innocent, harmless children. During a press conference just one week after the shooting, Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre said “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” (qtd in Overby). Unfortunately, twenty-six lives were lost in the Connecticut shooting that day. However, if there had been someone inside the school that was armed and had access to a firearm, the number of innocent lives lost may have

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