The Note On The Bench Essay

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bench was the stupidest decision he had ever made. He was so starving that he had to follow the scent of some roasted onions and ribs to keep his feet moving. The black huge box he carried with him was attractive. Passengers walked on the street were gazing at him with an air of pity, like he was a beggar brat, but everyone knew the box he carried was a cello box, everyone knew that he was a musician, a homeless, poor, but tough musician. He didn’t notice other people’s gazes. He accelerated his steps to track the smell of food like a grey hound, and he finally reached the source of that luscious scent. It was from inside of a small, orchard door at the end of a dark alley of 68th street. The door was aged and full of scratches without any windows on the wall. However, the smell of delicious food was definitely leaking from the narrow gap under the doorstep, but he hesitated. He hadn’t decide what to offer to trade for his meal, and he knew nothing about the people who lived inside a small apartment at the end of a dark alley in Brooklyn. He sat down, camped at the porch, but he was exhausted so he fell asleep immediately. He dreamed about his childhood, his first cello from his father, his small band at high school, his private studio a few years ago. He was woken by a young girl, who was pale but still attractive, with a thick magazine curled in her right hand. He saws the girl only dyed the nails of her third fingers with cerise, the same color of his favorite strawberry
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