The Note

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Nate let the paper curl up again and placed it into a drawer of the nightstand. He stood and put books back into the boxes. When he finished, he shoved them into his closet then carried the ones from the library downstairs, but kept the U through W encyclopedia. The note had to be about the Underground Railroad. It read like coded directions. Maybe learning more about the UGRR would help decipher the meaning. Too excited to sleep, Nate settled down with the U encyclopedia in a wing chair in a corner of his room. After reading the volume's short account of the UGRR, he wanted to learn about the conductors who had run it. In the library, he found that the encyclopedias had information on some of the ones he already knew about. John…show more content…
"That's fine, dear. You know, there were once rumors that the Underground Railroad ran through here on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe you've found something left behind from that time." Nate couldn't believe his grandma had said it, but his granddad furrowed his brow. "People say a lot of things about this house, Nathan," Granddad said. "You need to have more than a deteriorating note to prove any kind of a connection." "I know, but it's a start." "It is a start," Granddad agreed. "And I think figuring out a code just might improve your focus and thereby your chess game." "Just wait. You're going down, Granddad," Nate threatened. "Actually, your grandmother and I are going to drive into town and pick up a package for the Reverend. Maybe we can drop you off at the Greens while we run our errand." As much as he wanted to see Hannah, this was his chance to go to the woods again without having to worry his grandparents. He knew they wouldn't be down with letting him hike the woods alone. But he needed to start a search for the cemetery, and hopefully find another link to the UGRR. "That's okay. I'll just hang out here and work on solving this note." "Are you sure, dear? You can always bring the note with you to the Greens. I'm sure William and Hannah wouldn't mind figuring it out with you." In fact, Nate was hoping the twins would help with the note, but not today. "That's okay, Grandma. I'll work on it alone awhile first." "Alright,
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