The Notebook Film Elements

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Lauren Taibi
First Paper Assignment
The Notebook

The movie The Notebook, directed by Nick Cassavetes and released on June 5th 2004, is a captivating love story, which takes place in the 1940’s. Through filmatic elements such as Cassavetes choices of cinematography, editing, narrative, mise en scene, sound and music, he creates an extremely believable story of two teenagers in the 1940’s who fell in love over the time span of one summer. In order to create a 1940’s vibe, Cassavetes wisely uses a specific choice of costumes, makeup and scenery to portray exactly the time period he wanted to. The main character Allie, played by Rachel McAdams, is a free-spirited 17 year old who in the beginning of the movie is seen wearing a variety of
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Music also plays a key role in reminding the audience that this movie took place in the past.
The sound used in this movie serves a large purpose. There are many scenes when Cassavetes allows everything else to be silent and the object of focus to be the loudest in order for the audience to truly concentrate on its meaning. Going back to the scene when Allie and Noah dance in the street together, Cassavetes purposely makes them dance without actual music initially and has Noah hum the tune he wishes to slow dance to, while all else is silent. The reasoning for this is to further contribute towards Cassavetes attempts to get the audience to fall in love with the two teenager’s relationship. Dancing without music in the middle of the street shows that the couple can have a great time with nothing else but their love and it also portrays their free spirit and fun personalities. Another time when sound serves a specific purpose is when Noah takes Allie to an abandoned house that he promises he will fix up when he gets older so they can live together in it. A dusty piano in the corner intrigues Allie and she begins to play one of her favorite slow tunes. All else is completely silent in the room as Cassavetes forces the audience to focus on the tune she is playing, for it serves a purpose later on in the movie. When the scenes switch back and forth between the story of Noah and Allie, and an old man narrating this story to an old woman
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