The Notebook

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THE NOTEBOOK By Nicholas Sparks

The love story between two different teenagers that come from completely different worlds is the most remarkable. The Notebook is about two young teenagers who fell head over heels with each other. They got separated by Allie’s upper-class parents who insist that Noah isn’t right for her. But that obstacle didn’t stop these two young lovers from being together even if it took years. This beautiful tale has a special meaning to an older gentleman who regularly reads the timeless love story to his aging wife to help her remember what they went through and that the story that he’s reading to her was their love story. The story he reads follows two young
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Love conquers everything, no matter how hard trials are. Love indeed breaks through any obstacles that henders two lovers from being together. Even TIME could never stop it.

What this title actually means in the story is a notebook filled with love stories between Allie Nelson and Noah Calhoun. During the summer that Allie and Noah were in love, they wrote down all of their memories and what they did over that summer in the “notebook”. The notebook tracked their love for each other and what they did and how they loved to each other from day to day. Even though they were apart from each other for fourteen years, they both knew that they couldn’t live without each other. Their notebook filled with love stories just couldn’t stop them from falling in love and being with each other. When Allie goes to visit Noah in the book, Noah reads some of the notebook about what they did over that summer with Allie. That would hopefully make her fall back in love with Noah again.


In the book “The Notebook”, the meaning of unconditional love was emphasized through what happened in the characters’ experiences. It can be observed through the flashbacks that since the main characters were too young at the time they both met each other, they had the tendency to feel intense and

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