The Notion Of Society As Held By Michel Freitag

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This essay will address the notion of society as held by Michel Freitag. But in order to understand the stance held, this essay will need to concern itself with the nature that led to the notion of society fitting under the rubric thereof. By addressing the essence of human nature, this essay will show how this human interacts with the totality of society that exists outside the human being. Thus, society for humans is not just social relations, for those exist in animals as well, rather, it is the objectification of our interactions that allows us to adopt these relations as an overarching society. By doing so, we have created a society that needs our participation if we are to be socialized, or conversely, our socialization depends on our participation. As such, the world exists outside ourselves, and we have come to a point-in-time where we realize that the “essential slogan of classical liberalism and of policies” that were carried out to make room for the development of capitalism has become a process in and of itself, something that will destroy the humanity we intended to create.
Being that sociability is the “essence of the human being” means that, not only does it exist outside the individual, but that it exists so objectively (2). Because in order for human beings to be able to participate in this sociability, it must already exist when they arrive. The modern concept is that the whole of these social interactions is what is deemed “society” (3). It was the

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