The Novel, 1984, By George Orwell

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George Orwell, known for his dystopian novels, wrote his most famous book, 1984, in the 1940s. Almost 60 years later in 1999 the Wachowski brothers wrote and directed one of the greatest film trilogies of all time, The Matrix. Both the novel and the movies depicted post apocalyptic dystopian worlds under some form of an oppressive government. Oppression, control, and sexuality are some of the prominent themes throughout the storylines. While some may argue that the novel 1984 did not inspire the Wachowski brothers, many clear similarities, but also differences, lie within the script of the trilogy. 1984 is thought to be one of the greatest dystopian works in the 20th century. Orwell wrote the novel with allusions to both Nazi Germany and communist Russia. He told his vision of the future of the planet. The main character Winston Smith is a government worker in a dystopian society. The government controls almost all aspects of life; from their jobs to entertainment, leisure, and most importantly every citizen is constantly monitored. People do not rebel because the government controls the past. They change history in their favor to maintain complete and utter power and control. Because no memory of anything prior exists, the citizens have no knowledge of their oppression. They continue to live life under complete control and are brainwashed from birth to turn in traitors. The Matrix trilogy, a popular film series, contains several similar themes in a somewhat
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