The Novel ' Best Friend ' And ' Lorraine 's Tale '

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Wife, mother, sister, Aunt, Great-Aunt, grandmother, Nana, Daughter, daughter-in-law, mother-in-law, friend, confidant, Reverend; Loving, proud, beautiful, stubborn, opinionated, care-free, funny, caring, devoted-Our dear sister Lorraine was all these things to us and so much more. She was cherished by mom and dad as the first born daughter along with her twin brother Laurence. Blond hair, piercing blue eyes, dewy, fair complection, a beautiful child. They say the bond between twins is a unique one on so many levels. Being born together and sharing the same milestones throughout life is not something that most of us singletons will ever truly relate to. Imagine having a "built-in" best friend, as is the case with so many twin sets.…show more content…
Even with her own time of affliction and apprehension, she was putting Larry first and wanting the very best for him always. Being Lorraine’s younger sisters was indeed an incredible experience. W fondly recall, followed her like little chicks wanting to be just like her, be where she was. We used to pretend to be fairly princesses at our old house on Atno ave. and would dance around in the garden. She was in the marching band as an accomplished twirler with many high school awards. She would practice for hours in the front yard and we were mesmerized by her skill and her simple beauty. Vicky remembers countless hours of just knowing Lorraine was in the house, looking out for us and playing the role of MOM all too many times. She fondly recalls that to date, Lorraine gave the absolute best ‘Hugs’ ever!!!! She recalls later in life as an adult telling our Mother, that while she loved and cherished her dearly, there was just something special about Lorraine’s hugs that made her feel incredibly safe and especially loved. We fondly remember too how she would sit on the stoop and play her guitar and sing to us for hours. She was hip, truly of the flowerchild generation. She sang in our neighbor’s garage band. I fondly remember listening to records and singing together, The Falling Leaves….We wanted to be singing stars together. I used to beg her to take me to the coffee houses with her; when she ran away from
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