The Novel ' Brave New World '

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The novel Brave New World was about a young man being introduced to a new society where his mother grew up. The novel gives readers the perspective of how the young man saw and thought of everything around him. Throughout the whole novel readers read about this society’s different ways of life. Without knowing it readers start to judge this societies way of life and start to compare it to their way of life in the present world. While both the novel Brave New World and the present world have different views of love/ marriage, drugs/pharmaceuticals, and life/death each has some similarities.
One of the major differences between the world’s view of love and marriage and the novel’s view is that the world believes in marriage. In the entire novel no one married unless they were on the reservations. On the reservations the people that lived there would still believe in old traditions and still get married. The people that live on reservations did not believe in people having more than one lover. Most of them thought it was horrible. John’s mother Linda arrived at the reservation and started sleeping with some married men because that is how she was conditioned.
The wives of the men Linda slept with became very angry with her. They began to treat Linda horribly. The women would not allow Linda to join them in doing normal things like sewing or just being around them. One time the wives actually beat her to send her a warning to stay away from their husbands. Even after that
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