The Novel Dracula By Bram Stoker, Is A Horror Story That

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The novel Dracula by Bram Stoker, is a horror story that involves a group of male protagonists, Jonathan Harker, a solicitor, Dr. John Seward, an asylum doctor and Dr. Van Helsing, a scientist, who are out to kill The Count as they fear he may bring more tragedy to their homeland. Before all this chaos, it starts off with Jonathan going to Transylvania to help Dracula with some real estate business. On his journey and stay at the castle, he experiences strange and odd things. He soon finds out that he is The Counts prisoner and tries to escape. His escape was successful but his stay at the castle made him go crazy and he now suffers from a brain fever. Lucy, Mina’s friend, and Mina, Jonathan’s wife, are prisoners of The Count as well but…show more content…
It’s a big puzzle, but Mina doesn’t seem to mind, especially after she took up countless hours working on these journals as Jonathan writes, “Somehow, it was a dread to me that [Mina] was in this fearful business at all; but now that her work is done, and that it is due to her energy and brains and foresight that the whole story is put together in such a way that every point tells…” (218). His wife contributing in these dangerous activities worry him as he feels that her life can be in vital danger in these certain situations. Jonathan feels that as her husband he should keep her safe at all times. Without Minas help with organizing the journal entries and letters, their journey would be unsuccessful. She also helps them get a sense on how everything leads up to the events that are happening at the moment with Dracula. She even has a small connection to The Count after one night in Dr. John Seward’s work place, when she was forced to suck his blood. This connection to The Count is accessed by Van Helsing hypnotizing her. Under this trance, she can hear whatever The Count hears and with this small connection to him, she can tell the rest of the men what The Count is up to. Mina contributes tremendously and for this she breaks away from being this stereotypical woman. Moreover, gender roles also have a significant part in the story. Men at the time were considered the dominant species, while women, on the other hand, were supposed to stay at home and

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