The Novel ' Feed '

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A Perfect Dystopia
The novel Feed by M.T. Anderson is about the dystopian future where the internet is constantly feeding into the characters brains and is something that they ultimately cannot live without . Titus, one of the main characters in the book, starts off on going on a trip to the moon with several of his friends. The moon is a place that is advertised on the feed as this marvelous place to visit, full of laughter, parties, loud music, and lights, but Titus views the moon as dull, lifeless and dismal. This reveals Titus’s personality, as he is coming to hook up with someone in the same intimate status as himself. Which he meets a girl who he watches from a distance and concludes she is perfect. Her name is Violet, and it turns
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The distinct parenting styles throughout Feed reveal how parental guidance impacts children 's identity and emotional stability.
The lack of nourishment from their parents causes the children in feed to lose a sense of identity and have a need for new consumer goods on the market. “Denied an education, the young people of Feed are trained not as citizens but as consumers, while shadowy political forces seek to undermine the corrupt world of the novel. In effect, then, the dystopian setting of feed is a state of emptiness where the young are offered consumerism as a substitute for participation in citizenship” (Braddford 129). It is like today’s new generations that are constantly on their phones; people cannot live without them. Author Anne Marrie Hacht describes,“[I]n Feed, he turns his attention to a future that any modern reader would recognize. Shopping is the rage. Television and computers are popular; they are so popular, in fact, that everyone is equipped with a direct brain-connection to them at birth” (1). The advertisements that are streamed on the feed twist the truth and draw the characters away from reality. Titus receives a glimpse of reality when he travels to the moon, he says, “I remember that in the banners looked goldy and sparkling, but as we walked down to the luggage, all the air vents were streaked with black” (Anderson 8). However Violet, Titus’s girlfriend, has a different view on the world.
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