The Novel ' Gravity Journal, By Gail Sidonie Sobat

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To improve is to change
Thinking about death is scary. Humans tend to avoid thinking about these topics as it gives them complex negative feelings and thoughts about afterlife. Many people on their death beds are asked, “What would you do differently if you were a teenager again?” In response, many victims of this natural but frightening process say, “I wish I had a bit more time to care about myself, and didn’t let people’s ideas and thoughts about me, and my appearance affect me.” The novel Gravity Journal, is written by Gail Sidonie Sobat who is a Canadian writer, educator, and singer that works as a teacher with kids who have eating disorders. Gail wrote the novel by her experiences at the school of anorexic victims over the course of four years. In this novel, a lot of characters play a critical role in developing the plot and the universal theme of the story. These characters include, Anise the protagonist of the story, Marcel, Anise’s brother, Boyd, her boyfriend, Morgan, Anise’s therapist, and Dr.Z, Anise’s doctor. The story takes place in Eliza Petraclark Memorial Hospital, also known as the 4Phsych-O located in Edmonton, Canada. Anise Jasmine Luther is diagnosed by Anorexia, an eating disorder that makes the victim obsessed with losing weight. Anise finds it difficult dealing with everything, her brother Marcel, her parents, and the hospital. Thoughts and plans of committing suicide wonders her head, night and day. Cutting herself is the only escape plan. Anise

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