The Novel ' Lord Of The Flies '

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Human nature is described differently by each person. Some people believe that it is the true kindness and love in our hearts; others think that it is the evil inside everyone, dying to come out. Whether good or bad, human nature is the emotions, actions, and thoughts that naturally occur without any outside influences like the media, school, church, family, or friends. It is how we truly act, think, and feel when we are completely excluded from society. The boys in the novel Lord of the Flies are pulled away from society when they get stranded on an island. There are no adults or any means of communication on the island. After being away from society for a while, the boys inevitably start to slip into human nature.
We, as humans, usually tend to see the best in ourselves. We choose to see the possibility of the world achieve peace and solving hunger. Maybe it is just easier to imagine for us because we don’t want to confront the evilness that could lie within us. Should we continue to ignore it or is there something for us to learn by looking deeper into who we are or who we could become? William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies, demonstrates human nature all throughout the book. According to Golding, human nature is barbaric. His belief is that when we are pulled away from society, we revert to savagery and utter chaos and disorder. In Lord of the Flies, human nature is portrayed as savage because when the boys are pulled out of society, they begin to slip into
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