The Novel Night By Eliezer Wiesel

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The novel Night by Eliezer Wiesel tells the tale of a young Elie Wiesel and his experience in the concentration camps,and his fight to stay alive . The tragic story shows the Jewish people during the Holocaust and their alienation from the world. Elie’s experience changes him mentally, and all actions taken while in the concentration were based on one thing...Survival. In the book, Elie talks a little about life before the Germans came in and forced them to give up their humanity. During this time, life was fairly normal and Elie spent his time studying the Zohar with a man named Moishe. Even when Moishe was forced to leave, because he was a foreign jew, not much changed; he continued studying the Kabbalistic works and building a…show more content…
The Ghettos consisted of two neighborhoods surrounded by barbed-wire, which kept the jews separated from the rest of the city’s population. They were the only race that lived in the ghettos besides the German soldiers. Their response to this new lifestyle wasn’t a negative one at first, in fact, they didn’t mind being surrounded with only their culture. Life was normal for Elie and the barbed-wire that surrounded them slowly stopped phasing them. One day, word went around the neighborhoods that they would be transported. People started to worry. No one knew where they were going. Rumors spread about going to Hungary to work in the “brick factories” there. People began to pack all they could. When the day came for people to start leaving people had to leave their belonging behind that they couldn’t carry. The streets were full of the things that had to be left behind. They were forced to leave pieces of themselves behind. Memories, Valuables, and everything else that help make them human. Homes were abandoned, left open like an old deserted warehouse. The ghettos started to resemble graveyards. Full of the ghost of who they once were. Taking away the objects that were most important to them helped to dehumanize them by taking away the things that represented their lives as humans. The walk to the station was hot, and they
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