The Novel Night by Elie Wiesel

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The Nazis and other Germans not only killed over six million people during the Holocaust, but one and a half million of people killed were children. Over a million of them were Jewish and many of the others were Gypsy, Polish, and others living in Europe at the time. In the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, Elie shares his personal experience during the Holocaust starting in Sighet and ending when he was freed from Buchenwald. Children of all ages risked their lives for survival and many were only able to live for a very short time because of the difficult situations and conditions. Many were killed in the gas chambers as soon as they arrived at the concentration camps because they were considered useless. The younger children were killed right away like his sister Tzporia, but as Elie got older he got beaten and tortured by the Nazis and was treated like an animal not a human being.
Young children had no chance of survival once the war began. The first example of when children were mistreated was when Moshe the Beadle came back after he had been deported to polish territory and told everyone “Babies being thrown into air and the machine gunners used them at targets.”(4). The Nazis drive to exterminate everyone was sickening and they knew the young children were the weakest and had to be the first to go. They had no morality if they would throw the babies in the air. They are treating the babies incorrectly and are acting like they aren’t human beings. The Jewish people refused
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