The Novel Opens Up With The Perspective Of 13 Year Old Noah

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The novel opens up with the perspective of 13 year-old Noah Sweetwine. Noah is being terrorized by his bullies Zephyr and Fry. Fry is holding onto Noah’s arms while Zephyr is on top of him. Unfortunately for Noah, he becomes erect as a result of the closeness of Zephyr. Noah’s mom begins to talk about her interest in Noah and his twin-sister applying to CSA, a fine arts high school. Noah is ecstatic at the prospect of going, as a budding artist. However, his sister is not as pleased with the idea, although, she is as artistic as Noah is. The twin’s mom begins to visit museums so they can recreate famous painting. Their mom begins to only pay attention to Noah’s extraordinary work. This begins to create a friction between Noah and Jude.

The perspective is now in that of 16 year-old Jude. She is attending CSA, however, her brother is not. Jude is deeply religious now and sees her dead grandmother. Jude is having troubles with her clay artwork that continue to break, she believes that her now dead mother is haunting her and destroying them. Jude’s advisor, Sandy, tells Jude to talk to him. He says that he feels she is uncommitted and wants to know if there is something that she needs to create. She is hesitant at first,but then sees a picture of Michelangelo’s David and decides that she must do this artwork in stone, so her mom can’t break it. CSA no longer has a teacher who does stone carving, so he decides that he will try to convince a famous stone carver to mentor her,

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