The Novel ' The Dragon Of The North '

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The Philosopher’s Stone

an adaptation of The Dragon of the North

“So let me get this straight, you’re going to find a legendary ring, slay a dragon, then marry a princess?” My friend Mary questioned. She was walking around the room still facing me.

“Yes, indeed.” I replied. I certainly did intend on accomplishing this impossible dream. It might be a hard act to achieve, but no pain no gain right?

“Jerry, don’t you think that’s too umm, big of a...” She started.

“No, it’s not too big. I mean sure it’s a hard thing to accomplish, but I believe I can.” I admitted, “Stop crushing my dreams, Mary.” I shouted, storming out the chamber.

I approach the wizard’s spire as I wonder what lies inside. I climb up the stairs, yet before I can even knock, the door flies open. “Magical.” I murmur to myself, my footsteps echoing in the empty chamber. “Hello?” I utter, spotting objects in the room: a desk with a chair, a spiral staircase leading around the tower, and windows allowing the bright sunshine in. Then, I see something that makes me do a double take. Is that a wand? I ponder, heading toward the stairs. I ascend up the stairs counting the seconds it takes to get up them. Incase I need to escape I should know how long it’ll take. I find the wizard situated on a chair facing an altar. “Are you the wizard?” I inquire.

“Yes, my name is Larry, anything you need?” Larry interrogated.

“Actually, yes,” I revealed, “I was going to ask you about a ring.”…

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