The Novel ' The Green Mile '

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King 's novel“The Green Mile,” was a depiction of horror and imagery, or as Harold Bloom stated, “visually oriented scenarios.” He teased the senses and gave an inevitable emotional twist at the end. This story follows a special inmate possessed some unworldly powers that changed people 's fate, when he deemed worthy. John Coffey, last name “like the drink, only not spelled the same way,” (King 16) plays the hand of God in this story, when he saved a life, cured the incurable, punished the guilty, and changed the life of Paul Edgecomb inevitably. “The arrival of John Coffey in fall of 1932 was a hot, normal day in the E Block cells”(King 5). The guards saw this man as not much of a talker, but he often cried himself to sleep. He was sentenced there for the rape and murder of two little girls; a crime he did not commit. John Coffey was a large black man in both height and mass, but there was an oddity sensed about this man. “Paul Edgecomb had been acquainted with many inmates over his years, but this is the first one he offered his hand to” (King 19). “Even now I don’t know why,” he stated (King 19). Coffey, a simple man, who talked very little, touched the guards hearts very quickly in his stay. From the start, it seemed Coffey knew he was going to be killed for the crime he did not commit. “[He was] doomed and [maybe] even perhaps eager to die and put all of the pain and misery behind him”(D 'Ammassa). He had a hand for healing, even though this man knew that life was
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