The Ntsb On National Transport Safety Board

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According to the NTSB (National Transport Safety Board), on April 11, 1996 a Cessna 177B took off from Cheyenne, Wyoming Airport as apart of a publicized cross country trip by a seven-year-old named Jessica Dubroff (1). Poor aeronautical decision-making (ADM) alongside with stormy weather, an overweight aircraft and an excessively ambitious trip itinerary led to the crash of the private general aviation aircraft that killed the young girl, her father, and a flight instructor. After investigations, the NTSB ruled that the probable cause for the accident was the improper decisions made by the flight instructor, who was the pilot in command at the time, to take off in diminishing weather conditions. The plane was over the maximum gross…show more content…
A focus on this process would decrease the chances of pilot error because it forces one to learn what the right decisions are in specific occurrences. As the FAA states, ADM provides a structured and organized approach to analyzing changes that occur during a flight and how these changes might affect a flight’s safe outcome (1). The ADM process addresses all aspects of decision making in the cockpit and identifies the steps involved in good decision making. As with any good decision making process, ADM is about avoiding the circumstances that lead to bad choices. This is achieved by making the decision maker aware of the factors that can contribute to bad decisions, how their impact on safety can be managed, as well as the steps that are involved in making good decisions. In other words, ADM is able to be taught to pilots. Numerous flight schools have board members who question the purpose and ability of teaching aeronautical decision making. These board members take on the philosophy of Will Rodgers who once said, “There’s three kinds of folks in this world. Some learn by reading about it. Some learn by watching others. And then there’s those that just have to pee on the electric fence and find out for themselves”, however in their minds, the
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