The Nu-Clear Vision: Hind Sight on Reprocessing Arguments

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Nuclear power in its not so finest form—nuclear waste—has recently sparked several debates and protesters. Major powers on all sides realize that a crucial situation has been thrust upon us by the aging nuclear reactor facilities across the nation. In the past two decades, research has been done on Yucca Mountain in order to assess the effectiveness of the location to become the nation’s comprehensive nuclear repository, AKA a Giant Radioactive Mountain. Yet, the hidden technology of reprocessing has somehow managed to escape the minds of many, or has been repressed by large organizations such as Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. Reprocessing is recycling. Simple right, then why are we not utilizing this equipment to lower the amount of…show more content…
Therefore expanding this age range to anywhere from the high school student doing a research paper, to the sixty year old voter trying to brush up on the issues before an upcoming election. Previously, my speech entitled “Holy Radioactive Bananas Batman! Radioactive Waste Not Affecting Your Lives,” targeted the students of Evergreen State College. The student populace is a very specific audience and permitted my speech to take on an amusing tone. Although the speech was jam-packed with facts from various sources, it was humorous, entertaining the audience early and keeping them involved throughout its entirety. The presentation was interactive as I came equipped with simple bananas and a radioactive waste disposal bag for the banana peels. Thus, it was easier for the student body to relate to the ridiculous nature of my initial argument which mirrors the logical steps utilized by Greenpeace. This impulsive connection with the audience allowed for my message to come across quickly and concisely: educated, free-thinking of these individuals. The shift in audience in my second argument resuscitates a much vaguer argument, since my audience does not all share the same education background or the same views on a “green” economy. Therefore, my credibility as an author may decrease due to lack of understanding of a wider variety of people. The student body of Evergreen was an easy mark because they all had something in common (the

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