The Nu You Youth Initiative ( Nyi ), An Enrichment Program Sponsor

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The Nu-You Youth Initiative (NYI), an enrichment program sponsor by Nu-You Wellness, has recognized that sedentary lifestyle and lack of healthy eating in today’s youth is contributing to the obesity pandemic in the Western world. This program is determined to create a long term change in attitudes of youth 10-18 in regards to maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle in hopes to bring an end to this epidemic. Nu-You Wellness has created a comprehensive program that seeks to educate youth about healthy food choices as well as to motivate them to increase their daily level of activity. By implementing these lifestyle changes into their daily routine, Nu-You Wellness is hoping to develop young adults who will uphold the standards of healthy living throughout their adult years.
In hopes to have a successful program, Nu-You Wellness is seeking a Health and Nutrition Education intern who will help put their philosophy into practice. Selection for this position requires that the candidate possess certain skills and characteristics that will contribute to their success. To begin, a great candidate must have excellent communication skills. Being able to articulate well is important because the intern will be responsible for presenting educational materials to the youth. Aside from this, the prospective candidate will also be a channel of communication for NYI Center directors and on site program staff. It is thus crucial that the intern is able to effectively get their point across

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