The Nuclear Energy Advantage Of The United States

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The Nuclear Energy Advantage There is often speculation surrounding Nuclear energy. There were reports that the British applied to the United States for permission to carry out their first atomic bomb in the flats of Nevada. These reports were met with much speculation due to the physical size and observable flaws in the British program . This highlights an important problem with Nuclear energy production. Many countries pursue Nuclear energy for weaponry or other status symbols. When Nuclear Energy is harnessed, it can have a significant effect. Developments in Nuclear energy have had a great impact on global carbon emissions and have significantly decreased the footprint that energy production leaves on the environment. The progress that the American West and other industrialized countries have made in Nuclear energy and other renewable methods provide a reliable alternative to other energy sources that increase carbon emissions. Nuclear energy has been successful in decreasing the pollution created by energy production. Energy production takes a tremendous toll on our environment, from the industrialization of western countries such as America and Britain, to the extreme pollution being expelled by China today, the amount of carbon being released is extremely harmful. Nuclear energy produces virtually no carbon emissions . This alternative provides a safe and environmentally friendly method for energy production that hasn’t yet been utilized. Nuclear- generated
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