The Nuclear Family

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The Diminishing Nuclear Family
Hadar Mustafa
Jun29, 2015

Introduction More often than not, stable and functional families serve as a prerequisite to a good society. Hence, the society’s support system for families must be flexible because needs and goals of families vary over time (Loveless, 2007). However, nuclear families face many challenges because parenting, child-rearing, and other economic responsibilities had to be done by two adults only (Bowden & Smith, 2010). In this paper, we look into the development of the nuclear family: its origin, evolution, and status today. We also look into the most influential factors that led to the current status of nuclear families. We also look into the recommendations that represent different values and belief systems that promote the revival of degraded idealization and decline of the nuclear family.
The Modern Nuclear Family The development of the modern nuclear family is considered as a truly remarkable element in the history of the human social organization. The modern nuclear family is composed of a monogamous married couple living with their children, apart from their relatives. The husband is working outside the home, while the wife is a full-time mother and housewife. So, the mother’s role comprises cooking for the family and looking after the kids while father’s role comprises providing for the family and performing as a role model toward the kids. Unlike the traditional nuclear family, the nuclear…

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